E-Commerce Finance Product Guide

Ever thought about a unique credit line designed to boost your digital store? From Stripe to AmazonPay, we help online businesses leverage their payment platforms to unlock the capital they need to fulfill stock orders, execute marketing plans and countless other commercial objectives. If this fits your profile, FundingSmiths can help you scale and exceed your customers’ shopping experiences.

What makes a good case?

  • Sell products or services online
  • Have been trading for 6 months or more
  • Generate a minimum of £10K+ monthly revenue
FeatureE-Commerce Finance
Funding line£25k to £5m
Length of termIndefinite
Applicant type– Ecommerce stores
– Mobile app companies
– Subscription model business
– SaaS (Software as a Business)
Length of trade9 month minimum trading history
Minimum monthly revenueGenerating at least £10k
Security Unsecured finance facility
Facility type– Overdrafts
– Term loans
– Revenue-based lending

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