Growth Capital Product Guide

Acquisitions, re-financing, re-structuring, investment activities – these are critical events for any business, and almost always rely on access to capital. FundingSmiths can help secure higher credit limits in more flexible ways than you might find elsewhere. We achieve this by investing time with ambitious entrepreneurs to understand their growth objectives and ultimately facilitate tailored solutions. We strive to be credit partners of choice by delivering speed and certainty of funding, without overpromising.

FeatureGrowth Capital
EligibilityWe consider:
– High scale start-ups
– Strong management teams with sector experience
– Start-ups working towards breakeven or profitability
– Start-ups with established recurring revenue models
SectorsOpen to a diverse range of businesses
GeographyBusinesses headquartered in UK and Ireland
Term12 to 60 months
Credit Line£500k to £25m
Rate Ranging from 3 – 15% based on business risk profile
Lending structure– Funding is tranched over the course of a loan
– Warrant applied in the event of a sale, merger or IPO
– Amortising loan. Interest-only periods & bullet options available
Purpose of funds Some examples may include:
– Expansion into new markets
– Organic or acquisition driven growth objectives
– Product development involving investment into R&D
– Staff hires that help contribute towards your financial targets
Security Forms of security may include:
– 1st or 2nd ranking debentures
– Personal guarantees

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