Personal Guarantee Insurance Product Guide

Personal Guarantee Insurance (PGI) involves more than just signing your name off on the dotted line when your business secures a commercial lending facility. In case your debt obligations are not met, a personal guarantees insurance (PGI) is there to protect your personal assets.

Types of loan facilities

Personal Guarantee Insurance is available when a Personal Guarantees (PG) is provided against a wide range of business loans.

Secured LoansUnsecured Loans
By definition, a secured loan is where the
lender has taken a charge over company
assets or has a contractual right to recover
your company assets that funds have been
lent against in addition to the PG.

Secured loans include:

● Asset finance
● Commercial mortgages
● Invoice finance
● Senior business overdrafts
● Other secured loans
● Qualifying peer to peer loans

In comparison to a secured loan, an
unsecured loan facility is where the PG and
any associated charges over personal assets
are the only security the lender has taken.

Unsecured loans include:

● Credit cards
● Business Overdrafts
● Peer to peer loans
● Short-term working capital loans
● Other unsecured loans

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